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Devia - 1.2m (3A) USB-C to USB-C Silicone Cable - White

Devia - 1.2m (3A) USB-C to USB-C Silicone Cable - White

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Devia 1.2m 3A 60w PD silicone USB C to C cable with a 25,000-bend lifespan.

Experience an unparalleled touch with our latest cable innovation. The silicone finish exudes an unmatched softness, providing a delightful sensation as you connect your device to the power adapter.

Not only does our cable boast incredible softness, but it also embodies robust strength, capable of enduring over 25,000 bends. Say goodbye to worries about the stresses of charging on the move – our cable is built to handle it all.

Even when packed into a bag or pocket, or wound around a portable charger, this cable remains effortlessly tangle-free. Enjoy the convenience of easy storage and retrieval without the hassle of untangling.

In summary, our cable seamlessly combines comfort and durability, making it the ideal choice for those who demand both quality and functionality in their charging accessories.

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